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Dance Waves Competition is the largest dance competition in Belgium and The Netherlands in theaters for dancers of all levels and all ages in the dance styles: hip hop, modern, contemporary, jazz and ballet. All our competitions are in beautiful theatres with professional lights, judges and photographers.
Our goal is to bring young, talented dancers together during the competitions, to get them in touch with each other and to learn from each other while getting stage experience. Dance Waves Competition encourages young talent and promotes them by offering chances to compete on big stages with professional light, judges and photographers. Winners get promoted via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram,.. and via other social media. It is the perfect way to put yourself in the spotlight!

Everyone is welcome to participate (dance schools, teams, duos, trios and solos), don't hesitate to subscribe!

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Schedule 23 - 24

2023 - 2024

Below you will find all dates of season 2023 -2024, there are no less than 59 matches on our schedule! Registrations for qualifiers in the 2023 - 2024 school year in Europe are closed, but in South-Africa registations for competitions in 2024 are still open until at latest two weeks for a competition.

Dates for the new 2024 -2025 school year in Europe will be announced during the summer, for South Africa the dates for 2025 will be announced around January. 

You can participate in qualifiers in any country, your points will count for the National Championship in your country of residence. The more qualifiers you participate in, the more chance there is that you will be selected to participate in the Championship. More info can be found in our competition rules.

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